Hand Foot Clothing Monitor RZB-205


  • Certificate of measuring tool type approval №37932, valid till 01.01.2015

measurement of clothing, shoes and hand surface contamination with beta-active radionuclide, threshold exceeding alarm

Main features and functions:

  • personnel hand and foot contamination measurement
  • clothing and small items contamination measurement by means of remote detector
  • numerical and graphical measurement results representation, detailed data for every unit detector
  • alarm of preset thresholds exceeding or non-exceeding in form of graphical representation of all contaminated areas together with audio and voice messages
  • human actions during measurement are accompanied with voice commands
  • alarm theshold values are set separatel for every channel
  • fixed or automatic measurement time setting
  • automatic unit detector sensitivity calibration
  • detector operation status, measurement parameters, sensitivity values for each measurement channel, and test data of unit operation modes can be displayed.
  • measurement results database recording, measurement protocol printing
  • data transfer to electronic data carrier
  • unauthorized software access protection
  • self-testing

 Performance specification


Plastic scintillation detectors RFD485 Fibre™

Measured beta energy window

0,10 ÷ 2,50 MeV

Measured surface beta particle flow density

1 ÷ 1·104 cm-2 · min-1

Detector sensitivity to  90Sr+90Y nuclide beta irradiation

not less than 1,5 pulse·s-1/particle·cm-2·min-1

Detector sensitivity to 60Co nuclide beta irradiation

not less than 0,3 pulse·s-1/particle·cm-2·min-1

Limiting permissible main error, P=0,95

±30 %

Limiting permissible additional relative error under gamma irradiation, P=0,95

±20 %

Operating temperature range

+5 to +45 °С

Operating pressure range

84 to 106,7 kPa

Operating humidity range

90 % at +35 °C

Protection index


Corresponds to 4 class requirements according to NP-001-97 (OPB-88/97)

Power supply

187÷242 V, 49÷51 Hz

Power consumption

not more than 120 VA

Average MTBF

not less than 20000 hours

Dimensions, weight

580х850х1700 mm; not more than 70 kg