Gamma-radiation spectrometer SKG-АТ1316А "Control WBC"

Certificate of measuring tool type approval №37826, valid till 01.01.2015
Procedure: Metrological certificate MVI МВИ №40090.1Ж581 dated 24.06.2011

measurement of 60Со radionuclide incorporated in human lungs, and monitoring of other radionuclide presence in human lungs

Main features and functions:

  • measurement during annual information control of NPP personnel internal irradiation, and preliminary measurement during routine and operating monitoring of A-group personnel internal irradiation
  • evaluation of radionuclide presence in lungs, and decision on further examination or access to operation in area of radiation source contact
  • measurement of 60Co content in lungs and value fixing, if it exceeds 300 Bq
  • monitoring of  51Cr, 54Mn, 59Fe, 58Co, 65Zn, 95Zr, 95Nb, 103Ru, 110mAg, 124Sb, 141Ce, 144Ce total activity threshold (450 Bq) exceeding in the absence of 60Co
  • monitoring of total activity threshold (400 Bq) exceeding of above-listed radionuclides together with с 60Co

Performance specification

Registered gamma-ray quantum energy range    

50 ÷ 2000 keV   

Activity measurement range

300 ÷ 100000 Bq  

Operating temperature range

+10 to +35 °С

Operating pressure range

84,0 to 106,7 kPа 

Operating humidity range

up to 75 % at +30 °С

Corresponds to 4 class requirements according to NP-001-97 (OPB-88/97)

Dimensions, weight


      • Gamma-radiation detecting unit BDKG-10:430хØ177mm
      • armchair: 1090х606х1100 mm
      • USB-BD adapter: 95х51х33 mm
      • not more than 250 kg


Protection index


Power supply

220 V

Power consumption

350 VA



  • Power supply 24 V