High Range Noble Gas Monitor UDGB-203

For supplies to the Russian Federation


measurement of noble gas volumetric activity in air at NPPs and other radiation hazardous sites, where ionizing radiation sources are used.

Main features and functions:

  • measurement of radioactive noble gas volumetric activity in air, and data display (depending on version) or data output via RS485
  • automatic self-testing, alarm signal generation, alarm signal display and alarm output via RS485, built-in workability control source
  • three alarm threshold levels (warning level and two emergency levels)
  • alarm of measured value "minor change"
  • "dry-contact" signal of threshold value is exceeded
  • standard (0...20mA / 4...20mA) analog output for measured data transfer to external systems
  • standard (0...20mA / 4...20mA) analog input for external device connection and its measured data consideration in algorithms
  • pumped air monitoring and consumption measurement
  • unified and replaceable components for all "RADSYS" system devices

Performance specification

Measurement range

3,7×106 ÷ 3,7×1016 Bq/m3 (85Kr)
3,7×105 ÷ 3,7×1015 Bq/m3 (133Xe)

Energy window

0,08 ÷ 2,00 MeV

Operating temperature range

0 to +55 °С

Operating pressure range

84,0 to 106,7 kPa 

Operating humidity range

up to 98 % at +35 °С

Relative error

20 %

Seismic stability

up to 8 points

Protection index


Dimensions and weight

DU: 372x390x390 mm; not more than 150 kg
LPU: 326х196х106 mm; not more than 4,5 kg
with frame: 924x632x483 mm; not more than 180 kg

Corresponds to 3N class requirements according to NP-001-97 (OPB-88/97)

Power supply

220 V

Power output

35 VA


Power supply 24 V
Display and buzzer
Two two-step or one-step relays
Mounted at a frame with terminal block
Aerosol filter