Integrated information measurement system of buffer area of low-level RAW near-ground burial complex

Within the frame of Ignalina NPP decommissioning program, a project of short-lived low-level waste burial in near-ground "Landfill"-type repository (B-19 project) was developed.

complex solution for radiation monitoring, certification and registration of radioactive waste packages

Integrated data and measurement system includes:

RMS is a two-level automated data and measurement system which provides:

  • room radiation monitoring;
  • environment radiation monitoring;
  • radiation monitoring of radioactive pollution non-proliferation.

Equipment supporting RMS operation:

  • dosimetry units for gamma-radiation dose rate measurement  UDMG-002;
  • personnel surface pollution monitoring unit RZB-204;
  • personnel limbs and skin surface pollution monitoring unit  RZB-205;
  • direct reading dosimeters DMC 2000S;
  • reader LDM 2000

Control system of large-scale RAW containers characterization plant  (UHKRO-01) has the following functions:

  • monitoring of climatic stable operation of detecting elements;
  • radiaoactive waste packages loading/unloading to/from measurement room;
  • exact measurement frame positioning above the container;
  • continuous measurement process video monitoring;
  • automatic weighing and automated calculation of waste filling density;
  • automatic data collection and processing for all detectors installed at moving platform;
  • automatic calculation of gamma-emitting radionuclide activity and distribution;
  • measurement values recording to the system database;
  • measured RAW package certificate-label printing.

Waste control, recording and storage system is an information system which provides RAW package information support from arrival to buffer storehouse till waste burial in "Landfill" module. SUUiHO provides information support of burial process, namely:

  • input package control;
  • package measurement and characterization;
  • control of conformity of RAW acceptability for burial;
  • temporary storage in buffer storehouse;
  • removal and final burial.

Upper-level hardware and software complex provides information integration of SUUiHO and SUUHKRO systems, and also includes display board of RMS parameters.