C911 Dotcam

Produced by Mirion Technnologies


When budget constraints and size are of the utmost concern, the Dotcam provides you with an inspection tool at a very low cost. Rugged and reliable, the Dotcam can be used in a wide range of applications. The system incorporates a state of the art 1/3" CCD sensor that is fully automatic in its operation, providing high quality color pictures - even in low lighting conditions the camera can switch over to supply monochrome images.

The Dotcam is available in stainless steel or polyurethane and with glanded cable or quick release connector depending on your project needs. All versions provide lighting with an integral white LED lighting ring and operate under water to a depth of 60m (200’).

With its ease of use, capability in low-light applications and extensive lens options, the Dotcam is an ideal "building block" for a wide range of inspection systems and can be easily adapted for specific tasks.

C911 Dotcam (.pdf)