Intermediate unit SV-02

detection unit scanning and obtained data transfer to the main data processing device by means of RS485 interface; It is intended for radiation monitoring systems of nuclear power plants and industrial enterprises

Performance specification

Terminal pack is intended for the following core cross-section values

0,08 - 2,50 mm2

Core fastening method

spring clamp

Number of sealed lead-ins

4 pcs.

Operating temperature range

0 to +55 °С

Operating humidity range

up to 98 % at +35 °С

Operating pressure range

84,0 to 106,7 °С

Protection index


Seismic stability

I category according to NP-031-01

Dimensions and weight

136х221х339 mm; not more than 5,5 kg


220 (-15; + 10 %) V

Power output

25 VA

Corresponds to 3N class requirements according to OPB-88/97