Dry contact amplification unit BRSK

amplification of warning and emergency alarm dry contacts incoming from preliminary data processing unit (BPO), and further contacts transfer to radiation monitoring panel (SRK) or main control unit (BSU)

Performance specification

Terminal pack is intended for the following core cross-section values

0,08 - 2,50 mm2

Core fastening method

spring clamp

Operating temperature range

0 to +55 °С

Operating humidity range

up to 98 % at +35 °С

Operating pressure range

84,0 to 106,7 °С

Protection index


Seismic stability

I category according to NP-031-01

Dimensions and weight

600х502х478 mm; not more than 35 kg


220 (-15; + 10 %) V

Power output

30 VA

Corresponds to 3N class requirements according to NP-001-97 (OPB-88/97)