TwoStep™-Exit II

Produced by Mirion Technnologies


measurement of clothing, shoes and skin surface contamination with beta-active radionuclide, threshold exceeding alarm

Main features and functions:

  • two-step contamination measurement of all human body surface areas 
  • numerical and graphical measurement results representation, detailed data for every unit detector
  • alarm of preset thresholds exceeding or non-exceeding in form of graphical representation of all contaminated areas together with audio and voice messages
  • human actions during measurement are accompanied with voice commands
  • alarm threshold values are set separately for every channel
  • fixed or automatic measurement time setting
  • automatic unit detector sensitivity calibration
  • detector operation status, measurement parameters, sensitivity values for each measurement channel, and test data of unit operation modes can be displayed.
  • measurement results database recording, measurement protocol printing
  • small items monitoring
  • data transfer to electronic data carrier
  • unauthorized software access protection
  • self-testin

TwoStep-Exit II (.pdf)