Mobile Iodine Monitor IM201M

For supplies to the Republic of Lithuania, the Ukraine

Produced by Mirion Technnologies

continuous measurement of volumetric activity of I-131 radionuclide in both molecular and organic form. It has been developed to continuously measure the gamma volumetric activity of radioactive iodine sample, in both molecular and organic forms contained in air drawn from stacks, ventilation ducts or working areas.

  • Embedded 241Am source for energy spectrum stabilization against temperature changes and aging
  • 1024 channels spectrum analysis
  • Effluent trapping of both molecular and organic forms of iodine
  • Can be used as temporary bypass for IM 201S or IM 201L to maintain full monitoring capability during maintenance


  • Effluent release monitoring
  • Radioprotection of workers
  • Operational process monitoring