"On-line inspection" AWS

use as a part of automated personal radiation monitoring systems (APRMS). It can be also used in other automated monitoring systems.
AWS is used both at nuclear energy objects and at any industrial plants.


  • Preparation and management of dosimetry orders
  • Personnel access control to the controlled access area on the basis of regulatory values and setpoints
  • electronic direct reading radiation monitor programming: setting of dose limit values, dose rate and residence time in controlled access zone
  • automation of personnel access to controlled access zone by means of direct reading electronic radiation monitor readers
  • automation of accumulated dose values input from electronic direct reading radiation monitors


  • system unit
  • monitor
  • printer
  • power unit

Performance specification

Protection index according to NP-001-97 (OPB-88/97)

corresponds to 4 class requirements

Operating temperature range

+10 to +40 °С

Operating humidity range

up to 80 % at temperature +25 °С and lower, without condensing

Operating pressure range

84,0–106,7 kPa


not more than 50 kg

Power supply

~220 V

AC power consumption 220 V

not more than 500 W

UPS life at full charge

not less than 20 minutes

 *can be different depending on the order