Dosimetry engineer’s AWS

use as a part of automated personal radiation monitoring systems (APRMS). It can be also used in other automated monitoring systems.


  • employees radiation monitoring put in/removal
  • monitored personnel data recording and editing
  • personnel operation data recording and editing
  • personnel binding to monitoring zones, process line dosimeters assignment to specific employees
  • personnel dose data recording, editing, removal
  • current annual personnel dose data
  • personnel radiation dose data for the whole period of work
  • APRMS reference information maintenance


  • system unit
  • data-input devices (keyboard/mouse)
  • liquid crystal display
  • laser monochrome printer
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Performance specification

Protection index according to NP-001-97 (OPB-88/97)

Operating temperature range

+10 to +40 °С

Operating humidity range

up to 80 % at temperature +25 °С and lower, without condensing

Operating pressure range

84,0–106,7 kPa


not more than 50 kg

Power supply

~220 V

AC power consumption 220 V

not more than 500 W

UPS life at full charge

not less than 20 minutes

*can be different depending on the order