Upper-level hardware and software complex of computer-aided fuel cladding failure detection system (PTK VU ASKGO RBMK)

ASKGO upper level is a hardware and software complex (PTK VU), which combines information computer network, software and methodological program functions for fuel cladding failure detection.

to unite all subsystems within ASKGO and adequately operatively give controlled ASKGO parameters measurement data to the users in all possible power unit operating modes.

Computer-aided fuel cladding failure detection system has the following subsystems:

  • periodic channel-by-channel control of steam-water communication lines of reactor's process channels (LKGO);
  • continuous activity control of vapour condensate in drum separators (BSKGO);
  • continuous y-dose rate control of USGS, SVO and RZM pipelines (RKGO);
  • periodic coolant sample control in multiple forced circulation loop, water from drum separators and panel measurements (PRKGO);
  • computer-aided continuous control of coolant's radionuclide composition (AS KRS).

PTK VU ASKGO components

  • Information computer network including switching equipment and cable communication lines.
  • Database server system (SSBD).
  • Controlled parameter collection and representation system ASKGO, which includes data processing units (UOD), and operator's workstations (RMO).
  • Automated KGO operator's work station (AWS KGO)

Software modules of PTK VU ASKGO

  • Agent - functional core program of PTK VU ASKGO software - is a configurable set of subsystems. It provides module interconnection, obtains measurement and status data from low-level modules, processes information using calculation algorithms, and executes local data archiving.
  • AKGO gateway - provides interconnection, data and control commands transfer to AKGO system, controls sensor shuttles movement along steam-water communication line rows, and carries out control processes.
  • AKRB gateway - provides interconnection, transfer and interpretation of information obtained from RKGO
  • "SKALA" gateway - provides interconnection, transfer and interpretation of information obtained from ASUTP "SKALA-MIKRO".
  • UNO driver — provides interconnection with SGZh-01 and AS KRS system.
  • Monitor provides human-computer interface and executes the following functions: measurement and status information representation in form of video pictures, graphics and tables; audible and color alarm of threshold exceeding; archive information inquiry from SSBD and its representation in form of graphics and tables.
  • Database control system agent forms interface for "Agent" module and database control system interconnection; it provides receipt of measurement, status and service data from "Agent" module; data record to the database; and archive data provision on demand.
  • Reports and selections AWS is intended for report data access according to ASKGO parameters.
  • AWS of KGO operator provides human-computer interface for AKGO system, carries out various types of  fuel cladding failure detection, controls KGO equipment, provides data for control results analysis on the basis of algorithms and search methods of fuel element depressurization.