Allrad Mk2

Produced by Mirion Technnologies

The IST-Rees Allrad Mk2 gives you a pan/tilt/zoom "Inspection Platform" that allows operating staff to easily exchange between a radiation tolerant camera and a CCD camera onto a compact Pan and Tilt unit without the use of tools. This provides the inspection team with a color zoom camera, offering high quality color pictures for their low radiation areas, or a quick plug and play replacement to a high radiation camera. The controller has an auto detection system so no additional setup is required when changing cameras.


  • Inspection camera platform with plug and play radiation tolerant and CCD modules
  • Differential video for increased noise immunity
  • No tools required to exchange modules
  • In-air or underwater
  • On-board LED lighting with split control (2 x wide, 2 x narrow)
  • Double 'O' ring seals for improved reliability
  • Compact Pan and Tilt with variable speed
  • CCD module 18:1 optical zoom (standard) 26:1 (optional), 36:1 (optional)*
  • Radiation Tolerant 3:1 non-browning optical zoom or fixed 6mm, 9mm, or 25mm lenses
  • Full 360° tilt (±180°)
  • Optional lighting body with 2 x 35W lights, 1 x spot & 1 x wide
  • Deployment guide to prevent snagging

Allrad Mk2 (.pdf)