Quality management system

Quality management system of LLC RPE RADICO was developed, documented, introduced, certified in 2006, is supported and is being continuously improved in compliance with ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, 45001-2018, ISO-IEC 27001-2013.

Quality management system is aimed at client's (customer's) satisfaction.

Quality management system covers special-purpose, industrial, technical, and economic products. It affects all processes and stages of product life cycle.

Quality management system of the company is directed at the following principal tasks solving:

  • creation of quality policy implementation procedure;
  • documenting of quality-affecting activities;
  • determination of liability for quality management requirements fulfilment;
  • product customer's requirements have priority under unconditional fulfilment of safety requirements.

Quality management system operation of LLC RPE RADICO assures:

      — correct system interpretation, implementation, support and required efficiency;

      — output products really satisfy customer's demands and expectations;

      — society's needs and environment safety requirements are taken into account;

      — principal consideration is given to problem prevention, but not to problem solution after their occurrence.

Quality is generally managed by the following means:

  • quality planning;
  • quality assurance;
  • quality management;
  • quality improvement.

Quality manual is the main management document of the Quality management system.

Quality management system of the company is audited annually.

Today RADICO has certificates below:

ISO 9001-2015 RUS

ISO 9001-2015 ENG

ISO 14001-2015 RUS

ISO 14001-2015 ENG

ISO 45001-2018 RUS

ISO 45001-2018 ENG

ISO-IEC 27001-2013 RUS

ISO-IEC 27001-2013 ENG