Ball valve R215 with electrical drive LR24A-S

Manufacturing plant: BELIMO Automation AG, Switzerland

cold and hot water shutoff in heating and ventilation systems, or on-off water regulation in specified circuits 

Performance specification

NPP safety influence according to NP-001-97 (OPB-88/97)

3N class for normal operation

Operating medium

cold and hot water, glycol alcohol content - not more than 50%

Pipe connection


Allowable pressure drop

1000 kPa (200kPa for noiseless operation)

Cutoff pressure

1400 kPa

Swivel angle


Rated pressure

4140 kPa

Thread diameter (DN)

15 mm

Pumped water volume

8,6 m3/h

Overall dimensions

67×45 mm


0,4 kg

Rated voltage

24 V

Design power

2 VA

Power consumption

1,0 W during rotation; 0,2 W during standstill

Noise level

max. 35 dB (without flap)

(rated) Torque

min. 5 Nm at rated voltage

Turn-round time

90 s