Partnership with Mirion Technologies
"Mirion Technologies"  is a worldwide leading manufacturer of radiation monitors. It comprises a group of companies and manufactures under well-known brands such as (MGPI) SA (Lamanon, France), (RADOS) Oy (Turku, Finland), (RADOS) GmbH (Hamburg, Germany), (MGPI H&B) GmbH (Munich, Germany), IST (Farnborough, Great Britain), (Synodys) SAS (Lamanon, France) and others.

For more than 50 years Mirion Technologies operates in the field of radiation monitoring and offers a wide spectrum of products and services for a wide range of customers, including nuclear industry facilities, military and civil defense agencies, hospital and medical facilities and other specialized industries. Mirion’s innovation products and solutions are considered as industry standards for radiation monitoring devices and systems and consequently allow the company to mantain the leadership in the contemporary market of the radiation monitoring field.  

According to an agreement, NPP RADICO is the exclusive representative and industrial partner of Mirion Technologies at the Russian Federation, Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine territory. The main benefit of the Mirion & Radico partnership is the possibility to provide the comprehensive turnkey approach (from documentation development to warranty and post-warranty service) under the RMS implementation only from “one supplier”, as they have complete cycle of the system development and implementation. The partners are absolutely liable for implementation terms and quality, making the control process very comfortable for the customer.  

In 2009 we signed the first licensing agreement with MGPI (Lamanon, France), one of the leading manufacturers of radiation safety equipment and systems. According to this agreement RPE RADICO was qualified for exclusive distribution of the partner’s equipment at the Russian Federation, Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine territory. Today MGPI and RADICO have a great experience in the RMS development and support in both Russian and foreign NPPs.

In 2010 was signed a range of contracts regarding exclusive distribution with the Mirion Technologies Group companies:

-  with (RADOS) Oy (Finland) – company specialized in personal dosimetry and teledosimetry equipment;

- with (RADOS) GmbH (Germany) – one of the leaders in manufacture and supply of the personnel, laundry and vehicles surface contamination monitors;

- with  IST (Great Britain) – the leading manufacturer of  specialized video surveillance systems.

These contracts shall apply to the Russian Federation, Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine territory.

 Partnership with Premium Analyse
"Premium Analyse" (France) is specialized in the manufacture of tritium in air monitors. Premium Analyse equipment is noted for its compact size, reliability and user-friendly operation and maintenance. Due to the agreement signed in June 2013, RPE RADICO was qualified for exclusive representation of Premium Analyse products at the post-Soviet territory.

Partnership with Аutomess GmbH
"Аutomess GmbH" (Germany) has been active in development, production, and sales of nuclear radiation meters since 1970. Many years' experience in the field of nuclear radiation measuring techniques has ensured a high level of development and production based on state-of-the-art technology. Automess GmbH instruments serve radiation protection purposes in the fields of industry, research, working place safety, civil defense, disaster control and fire brigades.
In 2009 RADICO made an agreement with Аutomess GmbH regarding procurement of dosimetry equipment components.

Partnership with Overhoff Technologies Corporation
Founded in 1972, "Overhoff Technology Corporation" (USA) specializes in the design and manufacture of tritium monitors. With the world’s largest selection of tritium monitors, Overhoff can offer monitors ranging from simple handheld units to complex integrated digital radiation monitoring systems.
Overhoff Tritium Monitors are used worldwide in nuclear power plants, nuclear research and pharmaceutical laboratories. The company has gained an outstanding reputation for having monitors that excel in performance and are reasonably priced.
In October 2010, a contract was signed between RPE RADICO and Overhoff Technologies Corporation according to which RPE RADICO is the exclusive distributor of the company products at the Russian Federation and Lithuanian territory.

Partnership with Veenstra Instruments
"Veenstra Instruments" (Netherlands) is one of the leaders in the field of nuclear medicine equipment manufacture. For more than 50 years the Veenstra Instruments logo is a symbol of trust and quality in the contemporary world market. The company offers unique products for nuclear medicine, radiochemistry and calibration laboratories.
In February 2012 was signed a distribution agreement with Veenstra Instruments (Netherlands) according to which RPE RADICO was qualified for exclusive representation of the partner’s products at the Russian Federation territory.
The main objective of the collaboration between RPE RADICO and Veenstra Instruments is the development and implementation of the Radiation Monitoring Systems and Radiation Safety construction concept in nuclear medicine sites based on international standards and GMP requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Partnership with AMETEK
In April 2012 OOO RPE RADICO concluded a distribution agreement with Advanced Measurement Technology, Inc. (ORTEC Business Unit, USA), the leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of about $3 billion.The company has up to 100 manufacturing locations and more than 100 sales and service locations across the United States and around the world.According to the agreement RPE RADICO was authorized for exclusive distribution of ORTEC products and services in Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan territory.

Partnership with ENVINET
For more than 35 years the Envinet GmbH ( "ENVINET", Germany) offers solutions for environmental radiation monitoring. Moreover, develops, supplies and puts into operation turnkey Radiation Monitoring Computer Based Systems.  Today ENVINET is one of the leading suppliers of environmental monitoring systems in Europe. The company products are notable for high quality, reliability and functionality.
Within the framework of the distribution agreement, concluded in September 2019, RPE RADICO did get the right to act as a non-exclusive distributor of ENVINET products on the territory of eight former USSR countries.

Partnership with RADeCO, Inc
In October 2012 we concluded an agreement with "RADeCO, Inc" (USA). Due to more than 30 years of success in the company’s activity in the nuclear industry field, over the last years Radiation Detection Company has been awarded with multiple large contracts from military and emergency response organizations including U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and USEPA. The company products are notable for high quality, functionality and best performance, surpassing analogs, presented in Russian and foreign markets. Such products are gas analyzers, iodine cartridges, dosimeters, filtering materials and other equipment for remote environmental monitoring. The RADICO Group of Companies is the exclusive representative of the partner’s products at the territory of Baltic, Belarus and Russia.

Partnership with Comecer
For more than 50 years  "Comecer" (Italy) occupies in the field of protection technologies in nuclear medicine and nuclear power plant equipment. Comecer produces equipment for special applications designed for large industrial groups and research institutions, as well as for hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies. For nuclear plants, the company offers equipment for the processing, decommissioning and disposal of radioactive substances.
In October 2012, the RADICO Group of Companies was authorized as a distributor of Comecer products at the Russian Federation territory. 

Partnership with SENYA Oy
In March 2013, was concluded the collaboration with "SENYA Oy" (Finland). The main activity of the company is air sampler production.