Ultra low lewel monitor, model 93-WR-T-HTO

Produced by Overhoff Technology Corporation

This wide range tritium monitoring station is designed to meet monitoring requirements established by NESHAP and EPA 40CFR or for DOE establishments for the determination of ultra low levels of airborne tritium.

Limits of resolution attained by this instrument is 10-9 Ci/m3 or even lower. Using linear as well as proportional chamber technology, the upper limit of useful measurement can be extended to 10 Ci/m3 or higher.

Technical specifications


0 - 10 Ci/m3


1x10-9 Ci/m3


19" color video terminal showing all current and trend data for measurements, and supervisory information


 +10 %, and/or 10-9 Ci/m3

Response Rate

Varies with measurement level, up to 30 minutes at very low levels to 1 second at the upper end of the range


Set point alarms for each channel,supervisory alarms for sample flow counter for flow failure

High/Low Change Over

Automatic changeover to prevent contamination of the low level measurement system

Volumes of Chambers

Linear: 2 liters nominal
Proportional: 4 liters nominal

Counter Gas Flow

Adjustable from 0.1 lpm to 1 lpm


Standard 19" relay rack NEMA 12 enclosure, 72" high