Information measurement system for room and equipment periodic and casual monitoring (IIS PEK)

radiation monitoring parameters data acquisition, storage and provision in areas of equipment location and radiation-hazardous work execution.


  • preparation and editing of equipment and room reference books, taking into account possible connections between rooms and equipment, equipment grouping by process systems, and rooms grouping by categories; grouping by control types and measurement tools; grouping by control points, routes and rules; arrangement of listed objects interconnection
  • video pictures (slides) preparation for control routes and control results presentation;
  • radiation situation parameters data manual input;
  • automated information collection by means of portable measuring complex MKS KP-AD6
  • control task in form of route slide indicating control points at PC
  • automated data transfer from PC to the database
  • presentation of control results for the selected group of control points; results are presented in form of trends and data tables by means of query and selection systems, including WEB-server
  • execution of equipment and room control rules.